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Complete / Partial Dentures: A variety of options are present for the replacement of teeth through dentures such as
  1. Basic complete dentures
  2. BPS Dentures
  3. Implant supported complete dentures
  4. Cast partial dentures
  5. Flexible partial dentures, etc.

Basic Complete Dentures: We have a variety of options in basic dentures like Regular Indian made Denture base and teeth set and Imported teeth set Denture base material.

BPS Dentures

We are proud to be one of the few Dental centres in Bangalore to offer patended american technology Dentures called BPS Dentures( Bio Functional Prosthetic System Dentures,which will give you the best satisfaction when wearing the Dentures. please visit

Implant supported complete dentures:

The Advantage Of a implant supported complete dentures is that the dentures will be firmly screwed with the help of Precision attachments. As a result patient satisfaction will be highest. The Lower dentures are normally mobile and they have a tendency to lift up when patient drinks water or coughs up. with the Implant Supported dentures you will be totally safe and will not put you in embarassing situations in social gatherings.Depending on Bone resorption you may need 2 to 4 Implants to support complete Dentures.


Cast partial dentures:

This dentures give a better stability compared to regular partial dentures because of the Metal frame work and Occlussal Rests. Needs some remaining Healthy teeth in the mouth


Flexible Partial Dentures:

This is the latest generation of partial dentures.It has no metal frame work and totally flexible, gives best comfort to patients.