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Root canal Treatment: Prevention from complete decay of teeth

“Prevention is better than cure” is an old saying that is relevant while considering the implications of the occurrence of decay in the tooth or surrounding area of a tooth, gum and jawbones. However you may try to prevent the eventuality the probability of a toothache is always round the corner in the form of cavity, infection and decay.

Causes and Symptoms of cavity in tooth that necessitates root canal treatment

What are the causes that initiate the formation of a cavity in the tooth? How well can you restore a tooth that has infection or a cavity?
Severe toothache and swelling are symptoms that inform us of the presence of a cavity or infection to the root of tooth.
A cavity or an infection of the tooth is caused by remains of food items that are not disposed off. These remains linger in the space between the teeth for a long time causing bacteria to multiply thus setting in motion the formation of cavity.
In addition the other alarming signs of tooth decay occur from;
Smoking and chewing tobacco
The earlier filling has worn off
Disregard for habitual cleaning of the teeth by brushing
Wearing down a tooth due to rough use of brush or grinding of the teeth

Root canal; procedures and benefits

Root canal becomes necessary when a tooth is badly decayed, cavity is formed or there infection in the root.
An X-ray is taken initially to fully understand the shape of the root canal and to check for infection in and around the affected area of the tooth.
An injection to numb sensory organs as a relief from pain is administered before the root canal treatment commences.
The debris, nerve and the pulp inside the root that is causing pain is washed out through a hole drilled on the tooth and later sealed.
A temporary filling is provided after each day of the treatment in order to prevent further contamination.
Dentist after making sure that the infection has been cleared fills the interior of the tooth with a paste at the root and finally inserts filling into the hole drilled initially to get to the root.
Finally the tooth is filed and shaped up to fix a ceramic cap or any other type of dental crown. This prevents further infection to the tooth by the wearing down of the filling inside the tooth.
If root canal is not done the chances of infection spreading to the surrounding areas of the tooth and gum is high.
A pus filled abscess can occur at the root causing the infection to spread to intersecting areas causing swell accompanied by excruciating pain.
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