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A small cavity can be treated with a filling but in cases of severe sensitivity a root canal therapy may be necessary. For a filling that leaks, sensitivity can be arrested with a simple replacement of the filling.

It is a tiny hole that forms inside the tooth and is caused by decay in the tooth. Cavity develops when plaque accumulates on the surface of the tooth. Over time the acids in the plaque cause demineralization of the tooth surface and leads to cavity formation.

Cavities can be prevented by correct brushing twice daily, regular flossing and dental check ups every six months.

Regular dental check ups with your dentist every six months can catch any problems early and to prevent costly treatments if they were left untreated.

We offer five star treatments with a personal touch throughout to ensure you the best oral health for a lifetime

We are happy that you have chosen us to receive the best dental care for yourself. So we take the opportunity of your cleaning session to do a comprehensive dental check up to catch any dental problems early.

We understand gaps between the teeth can take away the confidence of your smile. Treatment will depend on the clinical situation. Usually for large gaps we may suggest Invisalign or Braces and for small gaps we can offer bonding or porcelain veneers

Due to chronic inflammation the gums around the crown might have receded and exposed the metal in the crown. This can be avoided by replacing them with metal free crowns or all porcelain restorations.

Simhapuri has some of the best dentists working as a team to provide comprehensive treatments all under one roof.

Simhapuri has some of the best dentists working as a team to provide comprehensive treatments all under one roof.

At Simhapuri apart from our relaxing ambience, we offer conscious sedation to make you feel comfortable. Conscious sedation will not put you to sleep but can create a relaxed positive state of mind..

Depends on various factors like clinical condition, ,necessity of bone grafts ,manufacturer etc At Simhapuri we ensure our treatments are affordable.

Simhapuri is the best hospital to get comprehensive personalized services and modern treatment plans tailor made to fit your needs, budget, lifestyle, and goals.

Jaw joint pain may be due to clenching or grinding or your teeth while you sleep. Schedule an appointment at Simhapuri to find out the exact source of the jaw pain. Often a night guard can help alleviate the symptoms if TMJ is the problem.

Aggressive brushing causing gum injury , chronic irritation of the gums due to accumulation of plaque and tartar on the gums, may be one the reasons that may have caused them to bleed on brushing the teeth. Schedule an appointment with your dentist. He may resolve it with a simple or a deep cleaning to remove the plaque or tartar or to detect any other problem that may be causing the bleeding gums.

Canker sore is one of the most prevalent oral condition. A canker sore, also known as an aphthous ulcer, presents as a painful wound inside of the mouth. They can be very painful and make eating and talking uncomfortable. Canker sores may be white, yellow, grey and often have a small red border around them. Fortunately they resolve on their own in a few days but if persistent for more than 2 weeks, please see your dentist.

In other words same day crowns are Zirconia crowns that can be milled in the clinic and placed in a single appointment using modern technology like oral scanners, milling & sintering machines.

Routine dental visits are advised during pregnancy. Hormones in pregnancy can influence the gums and so professional cleanings can ensure maintenance of optimal gum health.

Routine dental treatments can be undertaken in the second trimester of pregnancy. Procedures that can wait can be done after child birth. If dental X rays cannot be avoided for some reason during the pregnancy, your dentist will take all the necessary precautions

The treatment cost can be estimated after a comprehensive oral examination.

Yes we certainly can treat root canals in a single sitting in a few but not in all cases.

Daily flossing coupled with good oral hygiene can help combat gum disease. Our toothbrushes cannot reach the tight areas between teeth and this is where flossing helps. Flossing prevents plaque accumulation and hence prevents buildup of tartar. Tartar is the accumulation of plaque and minerals. Tartar contains bacteria leading to gingivitis and can be removed only by a professional dentist or hygienist

Sensitivity of teeth to hot or cold, sweet foods is a common complaint when there is a cavity or a pre existing filling that is leaking or aggressive brushing. A loss of tooth structure either enamel or cementum, the layer that covers the roots, can expose the inner nerves and pulp of the teeth which is the cause for the tooth pain.,

Simhapuri is the best dental hospital with highly skilled dental Implantalogists practicing modern dentistry

Over a decade we have successfully completed close to 5000 Implants out of which only six cases have failed.

Like any other dental procedure, you may experience some discomfort during and after the dental implant procedure which can be taken care of with effective use of dental anesthesia.

Dental implant procedures are mostly quick for a single implant.Only delay is the healing of the implant and its integration into the jaw bone.The healing timeline varies from 3-6months after which a crown or bridge or denture is placed

With proper maintenance of oral hygiene and health, implants can last a lifetime.