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It is highly important to look after your child’s teeth right from the moment they start teething. Keeping your child’s teeth and gums clean will protect against cavities, infection, and pain. As a parent, you’re always searching for ways to give your little ones the best dental care. There are a lot of tips that can help you maintain good oral hygiene for your child. 

Here are the seven best oral hygiene tips to keep your child’s teeth and gums super healthy.

  • Brush Twice A Day
    There’s almost nothing more important for kids dental care than making sure that they brush regularly. Make sure that they brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, using up and down and back and forth motions. Also, encourage them to take proper care of gums and tongue to eradicate bacteria that can linger there.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush Frequently
    It’s recommended to replace your child’s toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles begin to fray, whichever comes first. This is an important tip: keeping a toothbrush for too long gives space for the bacteria to grow on the bristles. 
  • Get Regular Cleaning
    Your child must see their dentist every 6 months for a routine check-up and cleaning. Regular cleaning will help remove any plaque build-up that can lead to further issues like cavities. Another benefit of frequent check-ups is that the dentist will also take x-rays that will allow them to scan for any of the developing complications. 
  • Getting A Fluoride Treatment
    Fluoride treatments are a safe and effective way to maintain good dental health. It helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay and cavities. Your child’s dentist can administer fluoride treatments depending on your child’s needs. 
  • Floss Once a Day
    Flossing once a day is one of the best hygiene tips to take care of your child’s dental health. It’s best to floss before bedtime to remove any food particles that may have remained in their teeth. If your child is finding it difficult to use traditional floss, there are lots of fun tools such as floss picks that can be used by them.
  • Eat A Tooth-Healthy Diet
    A diet leaves a big impact on dental health. Eating foods that are rich in calcium such as broccoli, leafy green vegetables, and dairy products results in healthy teeth and bones. Therefore, you should consider inculcating healthy eating habits. 
  • Avoid Starchy & Sugary Foods
    Limiting your child’s sugar intake is the best step to take care of dental health. When sugar gets on the teeth, it provides a food source for bacteria and this eventually leads to tooth decay as well as cavities. The longer sugar will remain on the surface of your child’s teeth, the more bacteria can grow.

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