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Unique Features

  • Dignosis

    Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

    Correct treatments work only after the correct diagnosis. At Simhapuri Dental our team of experts make sure each and every aspect of dental care is taken into consideration. 29 years of experience and the latest digital technology help us give the best treatment plan . Once the case is accurately diagnosed,treatment starts immediately.

  • OPG

    OPG & RVG

    RVG (Radio Visio Graphy:RVG is a form of digital imaging that uses advanced sensors instead of the traditional film. The image captures better details and also gives out lesser radiation as compared to traditional image techniques (x-Ray). It provides quick results and helps in early diagnosis, without wasting patient’s time.OPG- (Orthopantomogram):An OPG machine is specially designed to get high quality full mouth panoramic images of the lower and upper jaw bones unlike the traditional x-ray machines that fail to reach the jaw bones.

  • Dental Implants

    Simhapuri Dental is one of the very few dental clinics in Thane to carry out Dental Implants. We have an in-house Implant specialist who works exclusively on implants. Our years of experience and up to date technology like Oral Scanners, CAD/ CAM and OPG makes us the perfect candidates to do a perfect job.

  • Digital Oral Scanner

    This scanner reduces the possibility of human error to almost zero. It doesn’t use any traditional impression material, thus preventing gagging- the most unwanted and unavoidable situation while making dental impression till yesterday.

  • In House Lab

    Simhapuri Dental in  lab, one of the only few in Nellore attached to a Dental Hospital , is a reputed, high quality lab equipped with latest technology and qualified and experienced staff. Having a trustworthy in house lab decreases the report time to a minimum, helping the Hospital to serve its clientele quickly and efficiently.

  • CAD & CAM

    CAD(Computer Aided Design) /CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology - Simhapuri Dental uses Computer aided design and manufacturing to get the dental prosthesis right and fast. The Digital impressions recorded with Digital oral Scanner are designed on computer and transferred to the milling machine that manufactures the crown/ bridge/ veneer with-in 24 hours and zero human errors.

    These crowns / bridges comes with the warranty of 5 -10 yrs

  • Global-Approach

    Nellore Dental Approach

    Simhapuri Dental has an entire range of latest technological products and machinery from UK, USA and Germany. We use globally accepted practices that enable us to treat patient with more care, accuracy and efficiency and with less time consumption.

  • Save-Time

    Least Waiting Time

    With the huge and spacious Hospital , Simhapuri Dental has reduced the wait time to a minimum. We understand what an aching tooth feels like, so we have enough chairs to ensure that no patient is left writhing in pain in the waiting room. Simhapuri Dental values patient’s time and realises that they have other commitments. With Simhapuri longer working hours, we ensure that no patient has to skip a meeting or miss a day of the office for their dental appointment. A patient can visit Simhaprui in the morning and get the dental work done before his office time.

  • Shade-Analyser

    Shade Analyser

    A Digital form of matching the right shade of the teeth which matches individual shade perfectly